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Room-Temperature STM

The RT STM with the preparation chamber in front This UHV machine is the workhorse of our group. The STM delivers excellent atomic resolution since 1991.

Besides the STM, the analysis chamber also features a hemispherical analyzer for XPS (x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) and LEIS (low-energy ion scattering), a cylindrical mirror analyzer with coaxial electron source for AES (Auger electron spectroscopy) and LEED optics (low-energy electron diffraction). The preparation chamber is equipped with an ion source for sputtering, three electron-beam evaporators, a retractable gas doser with a microcapillary plate and a gas cracker for atomic oxygen or hydrogen. Sample heaters (electron bombardment of the sample plate, up to 1200 °C) are available in both chambers.

The core of the RT STM: tip and sample

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