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The newly established research group will combine ultrafast laser techniques with ion beam technology to investigate ultrafast processes in solid surfaces, which are induced by an ion impact. One major part of the efforts is the development of a pulsed, laser-driven ion source which delivers pulses as short as 1ps. The group is lead by Prof. Richard A. Wilhelm and funded through the START prize of FWF.



Christmas punsch 2019

A successful year with lot's of work is about to end. The Atomic and Plasma Physics group and time4ions celebrate the Christmas time with some Austrian Punsch. We say thank you for all your support and wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020.


Empty space for the time4ions lab Space for the new time4ions EBIS Refurbished beamline 1 at SOPHIE

Lot's of work already done at the Augustin lab. We made space for the new time4ions lab and the new EBIS for our highly charged ion spectrometer NIELS. Also Beamline 1 at SOPHIE is refurbished and almost complete to go online. Exciting new upgrades to our facilities are in place and will allow us to understand the time dynamics of an ion impact in more detail.


Anna celebrates with the group

We are celebrating today! Anna defended her Master's thesis with distinction. Anna will start soon as the first PhD student within time4ions, so we are really happy to have her with us for the next years to come. Congrats Anna!


IISC2019 The group is on tour. 5 talks from the Atomic and Plasma Physics group (Fritz, Janine, Paul, Sascha, Richard) at the Inelastic Ion Surface Collisions workshop IISC23 in Matsue, Japan!


Sascha 2019a Sascha 2019b We are happy to welcome Sascha again in our group. Sascha is visiting this week from Dresden (Germany) to perform measurements of highly charged ion transmission through freestanding MoS2 at our lab. Results look good so far!


AssProf Richard Richard was appointed Assistant Professor (tenure track) at TU Wien. Congrats!


Linse Waldemar It‘s rocket science. At least it seems so. Nice electrostatic lens and deflection assembly needed for Waldemar‘s experiments applying light ion beam spectroscopy to 2D materials.


Johanna_Waldemar Two new group members! Welcome Johanna and Waldemar!! Both are new Master students in the time4ions group, Johanna will do Simion simulations and optimizes the future ion source design. Waldemar is redesigning Beamline 1 of our larger ion beam setup to perform light ion transmission through freestanding 2D materials.


HZDR Successful beamtime at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Anna and Richard went to the HZDR to perform Medium Energy Ion Transmission (MEIT) of light ions through 2D materials taking full advantage of the high energy resolution of a toroidal energy analyzer.


ICPEAC Roadmap for research on heavy particle collisions published. This Roadmap points towards future developments in the field and specifically names time-resolved ion scattering as one major development to be expected in the near future. We are part of it!


Anna Anna_b

Poster Prize for Anna at the ICPEAC2019 conference! This conference has about 600 participants and Anna was awarded for her poster on 'The role of contaminations on the interaction of highly charged ions with 2D materials'. Congratulations, Anna!


The project is supported by FWF START (Y 1174-N36) and by TU Wien (Innovative Projects).


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