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Atomic and Plasma Physics

The group's research concentrates on the following topics:

  • Fusion plasmas: Fusion plasma diagnostics, plasma-wall-interaction, ECR ion source development
  • Nanotechnology: Nanosized surface modifications by ion/laser impact, nanotribology
  • Biophysics AFM-imaging of bacteria, blood- and cancer-cells
  • Biomimetics: Abstraction of good design from living nature


A major part of the research program is being carried out within EUROfusion, a consortium of national fusion research institutes located in the European Union and Switzerland. Our group is part of the Austrian National Fusion Program Fusion@ÖAW coordinated by the Austrian Academy of Sciences ÖAW. Our research is further funded by Austrian Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung FWF and Friedrich Schiedel-Stiftung für Energietechnik. The group participated in the EU networks ITS LEIF (HPRI-CT-2005-026015), LEIF (HPRI-CT-1999-40012) and MCInet (HPRN-CT-2000-00027) and the EURATOM research program on fusion in the previous EU framework programmes (FP6, FP7).

International collaborations

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