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Richard Bergmayr graduates!

Richard Bergmayr


Today, Richard Bergmayr successfully passed his final diploma exam. In his masters thesis he analyzed type-I ELM durations in ASDEX Upgrade discharges. Well done Richard! Richard will stay in Fusion - he has been offered a PhD position at IPP Garching.

Loschmidt Prize for Janine Schwestka!

Janine Schwestka


Janine Schwestka is one of two recipients of this year's Loschmidt Prize. This prize is awarded annually by the Austrian Chemical Physics Society CPG for an outstanding PhD thesis. Janine Schwestka received her doctorate in June 2020 under the guidance of Fritz Aumayr and Richard Wilhelm; her thesis is entitled “On the Charge Exchange Dynamics of Highly Charged Ions in atomically thin solids”. Dr. Schwestka is currently working as a materials engineer at RUAG Space, one of the leading suppliers of products for satellites and launch rockets, in Vienna, Austria. Congratulations!

Farewell to Paul!

Paul's farewell


After 7 extremely successful years in the Atomic and Plasma Physics group, Paul Szabo says goodbye to start his new position as a postdoc at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at UC Berkeley. To mark this special occasion, Paul treated the group to the finest pizzas in Vienna and invited us to Pizzeria Riva. Paul, we very much hope to continue working with you in the future, we wish you much success for your professional future and already miss you very much!

Time to celebrate

Irish Pub


We have already reported about our latest publication in Applied Surface Science (see news entry of 20.09.2021 below). To celebrate this success, the first author of this publication Christian and the last author Fritz invited the whole group to the newly opened Trinity Pub. Everyone was happy to celebrate without masks and social distancing again and enjoyed Irish beer in abundance. Cheers!

Best presentation award at IWBE 2021 for Alexander Bürger

Alexander Bürger


For his oral contribution “Structural Bactericide by Biomimetics of the Nanopillars on Cicada Wings” Alexander Bürger received the award for the “Best Presentation in Bionic Healthcare” at the 2021 International Workshop on Bionic Engineering, which took place online from Sep. 16 - 17, 2021. We congratulate Alexander on his achievement.

A sandblaster at the atomic level

Spray-Code for modelling the sputtering of rough surfaces


Beams of energetic ions are used to clean or nanostructure various materials via sputtering. Christian Cupak and his collborators have now been able to explain how the sputtering process depends on the roughness of the surface. Using experiments and simulations they were able to show that the mean inclination angle of the surface (accessibly e.g. by atomic force microscopy or other high resolution microscopy methods) describes the final outcome of the sputtering process much better than other roughness parameters that have been used so far.

Link to original publication in Applied Surface Science Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English), EUROfusion News

"Scientific American" reports on our work

Anna's story in Scientific American


The popular science journal “Scientific American” dedicates an entire story (here is the link) to the findings of Anna's paper (see news of 16. Aug. 2021 below)! Anna gave an interview and also international experts in the field are quoted in the article. It is great to see that our work has a far-reaching impact and is well explained to the general public! Congratulations Anna!

How ions get their electrons back

Highly charged ion going through a carbon layer


What happens when ions are passing through solid materials? It is nearly impossible to observe this directly, but now our group has found a way to overcome this problem. By peeling graphite layer by layer Anna Niggas and her collaborators uncovered how ions recapture their electrons when moving through solid material. The new measurements show that the ions obey remarkably simple laws.

Link to original publication in the Nature Journal: Communications Physics, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English), ORF.at, die Presse, Scientific American.

Research group seeks new challenges



Confident footedness, endurance and team spirit had to be demonstrated by the group members on their way to the summit. This year's group excursion led the Atomic and Plasma Physics research group of IAP to the beautiful Wachau valley. The reward then came at the "Heurigen" Rehrl-Fischer in Rossatzbach.

The rise of Dr. Szabo

PhD party Paul Szabo


Excerpt from the inscription on Paul's doctoral hat: “A long time ago in an institute of applied physics far, far away….


The DOCTORPLAN has succeeded! Rumors of a spectacular DEFENSIO were whispered all around the INSTITUTE of APPLIED PHYSICS, laid by the EMPEROR AUMAYR himself. MR. GODLIKE PAUL SZABO, who trained in his lair in the legendary AUGUSTIN LAB for his battle to become a member of the ORDER OF SUB AUSPICIIS, is ready to face the final challenge. Determined to be victorious whatever the cost, soon to be DR. PAUL SZABO faces his REVIEWERS in an epic DEFENSIO…”

And as all fairy tales end well, so does this one. Congratulations, Paul, on your successful Rigorosum!

Traditional group photo

AG-Aumayr group photo 2021a


With the sharp drop in Covid-19 infection numbers, not only have all our group members returned to work, but our traditional group photo on the roof of TU was possible again.

EUROfusion Researcher Grant for Georg

Georg Harrer


At today's EUROfusion General Assembly it was announced that Georg Harrer will receive one of the prestigious EUROfusion Researcher Grants. The ERG Program was established to promote excellence and career development of researchers in the field of nuclear fusion and includes a postdoctoral position for the candidate for 2 years as well as travel and other funds. 41 candidates responded to the multi-stage application process half a year ago, and 12 young researchers have now been selected after the final round of interviews. Congratulations Georg, you have convinced the jury with your project proposal, presentation and interview! (read more)

A first step back to normality



The long Covid lockdown is over. Our group took advantage of this to have lunch together in the garden of a restaurant for the first time in months. Even though the weather could have been better, everyone was happy about this first step towards normality.

New EBIT prototypes arrived

Lab tour


With strictest Covid19 safety measures applied, Gabriel and Matthias went to Dresden, Germany to collect two new EBIT prototypes from our partners at D.I.S Germany GmbH. One ion source is specifically designed to work as a fast pulsing EBIT in order to produce ultrashort ion pulses in the experimental setup PITBULL within Richard's START project. The second “Small Ion Source for Surface Interaction experiments” (SISSI) will be operated to deliver slow highly charged ions for ion-surface interaction studies.

Join us on our virtual lab tour!

Lab tour


Want to see our labs? Want to see what we are working on? Then join us on our (virtual) lab tour. Just watch our recent YouTube Video.

Welcome Alexandra and Hugo!

2 newly born


Life goes its way despite the pandemic: We welcome two newly born citizens of the world: Alexandra, Richard's daughter and Hugo, Georg's son (in the picture)! A warm welcome!

"Die Presse" reports on Fusion research in Austria

Die Presse 2021-March-09

* “Race for nuclear fusion - and Austria is right in the middle of it” ist the titel of a recent online report of the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” on fusion research in Austria and in our group in particular. The article features interviews with our group members Christian Cupak, Paul Szabo and Fritz Aumayr. Here ist the link (article in German).

Paul receives the 2021 LPI Career Development Registration Award

Paul Szabo


After submission of his contribution to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference LPSC, Paul Szabo has been selected to receive the 2021 LPI Career Development Registration Award to be used to attend LPSC 52 Virtual Conference on March 15-19, 20211. He was also invited to present an oral contribution at the conference on his Phobos-related research. Congratulations, Paul!

Matthias Werl joins the group

Matthias Werl


With the project start of DIMAS, our joint French-Austrian research effort also Matthias Werl starts his PhD thesis. In the project with our friends from the Institut de NanoSciences Paris, we will study highly charged ion scattering on magnetically ordered surfaces in order to detect the magnetic state of the surface. Welcome, Matthias!

Honorary Professorship for Elisabeth Wolfrum

Univ.Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Wolfrum


For her special commitment as an external docent in the teaching of TU Wien, for her outstanding achievements in the field of plasma physics and fusion research and for her merits in the supervision of numerous TU students in the context of their scientific theses at the fusion experiment ASDEX Upgrade, Austria's Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen has followed the suggestion of the Faculty of Physics and the Rectorate of TU Wien, and awarded the honorary title of “University Professor” to Mrs. Univ.Doz. Dr. Elisabeth Wolfrum. We congratulate Professor Wolfrum on this honor and hope that this will further intensify the good cooperation between the TU Wien and the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching near Munich in the field of fusion research.

Shocking news: First negative test for Anna

Anna Niggas


Today, Anna received the first negative test result in her whole life when she participated in the voluntary Covid-Antigen Test in Vienna. But Anna is a very cheerful person who nevertheless sees the outcome positively.

Georg reports in the latest ASDEX Upgrade Newsletter

Georg Harrer


In the last ASDEX Upgrade Newsletter 22/2020, Georg Harrer reports on a new, promising ELM-free operating scenario for tokamak experiments, that leads to quasi continuous exhaust while avoiding dangerous type-I ELMs.

For further details see his article on page 3 of the ASDEX Upgrade Newsletter 22/2020.

Laboratory experiments could unravel the mystery of the Mars moon Phobos

The planet Mars with its moons Phobos and Deimos


What causes the “space weathering” on the Mars moon Phobos? Results of laboratory experiments performed by Paul Szabo and collaborators in the Atomic and Plasma Physics group of IAP give new insights and show that beside the solar wind also the irradiation by particles from Mars plays a decisive role there. These considerations could soon play an important role in the evaluation of real Phobos samples since in 2024 a Japanese space mission will take soil samples from Phobos and bring them back to Earth. The work is part of an international FWF-SNF project together with the University of Bern.

Link to original publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English) ORF.at derStandard.at

Glorious Finish for Lidija & Johanna

Lidija & Johanna

2020-Nov-26 & 2020-Nov-19

The whole group congratulates Johanna and Lidija on their excellent defences of their Master’s theses. Since the current circumstances unfortunately do not allow an in-person exam, everything had to be done via Zoom. Also our celebration afterwards was limited to an online format for the time being, but will be made up for when it is possible again.

Gaede Prize 2021 goes to Richard

GaedePrize2021 2020-Nov-20

The German Physical Society just announced that Richard receives the Gaede Prize 2021 for his work on ion interaction with 2D materials. Congratulations! We are happy and celebrate the award, which amounts up to EUR 10,000, over Zoom in our home offices. The prize will be handed during the DPG Solid State Physics meeting next year, which is postponed until fall 2021. Many in-person celebrations are piling up at the moment and we are all looking forward to 2021 to finally get together again.

Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of DPG (in German)

Best Teacher Award 2020 goes to Fritz

BTA2020 2020-Oct-21

This year‘s Best Teacher Award goes to Fritz! After several successful years with his Lectures „Grundlagenphysik I“ and III as Best Lecture he finally receives the award as best teacher of the faculty of physics. Congratulations!

Press release of TU Wien (in German), YouTube Video

Fritz Aumayr gives an interview in "DerStandard"

DerStandard 2020-Oct-09

* In today's Austrian newspaper DerStandard Fritz Aumayr gives an interview on the prospects and difficulties of international fusion research. Read the full article (in German) or online.

Georg at the pitch challenge

Georg starrs on Radio NJOY 91.3 FM


Today Georg appeared on Radio NJOY 91.3 FM in the programme “JungwissenschafterInnen im Pitch”. Together with 3 other candidates he had the task of explaining the content of his doctoral thesis in a generally understandable way in just 90 seconds. If you want to hear, how he did, just listen to an audio recording of his presentation here.

Award season is not over yet



Anna Niggas receives the Honorary Award of the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Research! The prize is awarded annually to the best graduates of all Austrian universities and Anna is one of them! The award is also worth 3,000 EUR, so another big party is ahead of us.

Award ceremony for the Auwärter-prize

Richard receiving the Auwärter Prize at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna)


Due to the corona-related cancellation of the ÖPG conference, this year's award ceremony of the Max Auwärter Prize took place in the Stadtpalais Liechtenstein. The City Palace with the private art collection of the Prince of Liechtenstein in an exquisite downtown Vienna location provided a very noble setting. After a laudatory speech by the chairman of the jury Prof. Falco Netzer and some personal words by Fritz Aumayr, the award certificate and the cheque were handed over to the new Auwärter Prize winner 2020 Richard Wilhelm. Congratulations again, Richard!

Dr. Georg!

Georg during his online defense, in discussions with external examiner Prof. Martin Heyn from TU Graz, and later, with both of his  PhD advisors Elisabeth Wolfrum (virtually present) and Fritz Aumayr)


Georg Harrer also had to defend his PhD thesis in digital form. However, the subsequent PhD celebration could take place in the old-fashioned way. To comply with the Covid-19 rules as well as our tradition we celebrated in “open air” on the roof of the TU Wien. The fotos show Georg during his online defense, in discussions with the external examiner Prof. Martin Heyn from TU Graz, and later, with both of his PhD advisors Elisabeth Wolfrum (virtually present) and Fritz Aumayr. Congratulations, Georg, on a great dissertation and an excellent defense!

How big is actually a baby elephant?

ZOO Schönbrunn


Some members of our team took advantage of the nice weather and visited Schönbrunn Zoo. Not even a thunderstorm in the evening could stop us from enjoying this excursion and searching for cute baby animals in the enclosures. Currently it is good to know how big a baby elephant actually is. ;-)

Nanocarving with highly charged ions

ACS Nano


Our most recent work on nanostructuring of freestanding MoS2/graphene heterostructures with highly charged ions was just published by ACS Nano. Our friends at University Vienna supported us with exceptional quality microscopy and sample preparation. This great collaboration allowed Janine to perform highly charged ion irradiation of the samples and to reveal, that we can remove the very first monolayer of these structures on a tiny area of only a few square-nanometers.

The results not only show that the ion’s potential energy is deposited in the topmost surface layer, which we showed already by ion beam spectroscopy, but also that the energy remains in that particular layer. Interesting applications are just ahead – stay tuned!

Link to original publication in ACS Nano, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English),

Max Auwärter Prize for Richard

Richard Wilhelm


This year’s Max Auwärter Award goes to Richard! Every two years, the Max Auwärter Foundation in Balzers, Lichtenstein, awards the renowned Max Auwärter Prize, worth 10,000 euros, in memory of the founder of the “Gerätebauanstalt Balzers”, now Oerlikon Balzers AG. It is awarded to persons up to the age of 35 who have made special achievements in physical or chemical research on surfaces, interfaces or thin films. The Max Auwärter Prize honors significant work in the fields of surface science, interface physics, as well as anorganic and organic thin films. A list of previous awardees can be found here.

Wa are all proud about your success, Richard! Congratulations!

For more Details please read the TU Wien News.

PhD party with Janine and Reinhard

PhD party


We simply could not let them go without a big farewell party with hand-crafted doctor's hats! The relaxation of the corona measures made it possible to toast with real sparkling wine to the successful completion of our newly promoted doctors Janine and Reinhard. May the power of science always be with you!

Group photo in times of Covid-19

Group Foto 2020


An up-to-date group photo was long overdue! But how do you manage that in times of Covid-19? Of course by taking such a photo in compliance with all safety regulations.

Baby Boom at IAP

IAP Babys


There were two baby newborns at the Institute of Applied Physics today: Johannes (left in the picture) son of Markus Valtiner and Josefa (right) daughter of Herbert Biber were born almost simultaneously. A warm welcome!

Grand finale for Janine

PhD Defense celebration for Janine Schwestka


With ease Janine Schwestka today defended her dissertation entitled 'On the Charge Exchange Dynamics of Highly Charged Ions in atomically thin solids'. Prof. Marek Pajek and Prof. Pedro L. Grande served as external referees. Prof. Pajek participated in the examination via video conference. Due to the current “Corona” distancing measures only a part of the group was personally present. The rest celebrated with Janine virtually! Congratulations, Dr. Schwestka!

First experiments are possible again

Who ist the hero of the first hour behind dthe mask?


The university is slowly opening up again, and we can start some of our experiments. No more than half of the group is allowed to be present at any time, distance measures are in place and wearing masks is mandatory.

Real PhD title for Reinhard despite virtual defense

PhD Defense celebration for Reinhard Stadlmayr


Special times require special measures. Therefore, today, for the first time, a PhD defense was held via video conference. Candidate Reinhard Stadlmayr did an excellent job and answered the questions of the examination senate consisting of Christian Linsmeier (Professor and Director at the FZ Jülich), Herbert Balasin (Dean of Studies) and Fritz Aumayr (PhD supervisor) with great competence. Special technical measures, such as 2 independent video transmissions of the candidate, were taken to increase the fail safety during the interview. Unfortunately, also the following ceremony for Reinhard by our group had to be held remotely (see foto). But as one can see: even a global crisis could not stop Reinhard from completing his doctorate - a tremendous achievement! Congratulations Dr. Stadlmayr!

Lab work suspended – Everybody stay safe!

Group meeting via video conference


As the corona crisis affects our lives worldwide, we too must take a break from experimental work. The safety and well-being of our group members and friends at the university is more important, so we all work from our home offices. Group meetings are held via video conferencing tools.

Please stay home and wait for the crisis to pass.

Peter Varga Poster Prize at 3S*20 for Anna!

Anna Niggas receives the 3S Poster prize


Great news! Anna received the Peter Varga Poster Prize at this year‘s 3S*20 conference. The poster prize honors excellent young scientists in the field of surface science. It is named after our late colleague Peter Varga, thus it is an even greater pleasure that the prize is back at IAP! Not to forget the award which comes with the prize: the no-friends-on-powder-day-voucher.

Paul, Janine, Anna and Fritz at the 3S’20 meeting

Anna Niggas receives the 3S Poster prize


Every two years, members of our institute organize the legendary Symposium on Surface Science 3S in St. Christoph am Arlberg, Austria. We discussed and presented cutting edge science (Janine and Paul gave talks, while Anna presented a poster) but also had a great time skiing in the Austrian Alps. More photos can be found here.

Annual Group Ski Day at Stuhleck/Semmering

The group at Stuhleck


Today, the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group met at the Stuhleck for our annual winter retreat. While we had to face fog in the valley, on top of the mountains we could enjoy nice sunny weather: whether it was skiing or hiking to the summit, everybody had an amazing day!

A new lab within the AUGUSTIN lab

Laser lab under construction


A new laser lab is currently being installed within the AUGUSTIN lab. For the moment the other experiments had to be be stopped and covered for protection. The new laser lab will be the heart of Richard's new time4ions project.

Group members dance in the Hofburg

TU Ball 2020


Also this year the TU Ball took place in the state rooms of the Vienna Hofburg (Imperial Palace of Vienna). Members of the group enjoyed the elegant atmosphere and danced until the early morning hours. With Martin being a leading part of the organising committee and Anna and Johanna both again being debutants, the Atomic and Plasma Physics group contributed significantly to this joyful evening.

Double Defense!

Christian and Gabriel


Today Christian Cupak and Gabriel Szabo defended successfully their Master’s theses! We celebrated and had a great get-together after a busy and interesting day. Both will continue as PhD students after a short break.

Franz-Viehböck-Young-Investigator-Prize 2019 for Christian

Christian Cupak


Christian Cupak is the recipient of this year's Franz Viehböck Young Investigator Prize. This Prize carries the name of the founder of our institute, Prof. Franz Viehböck (director 1966 – 1987) and is endowed with a sum of 1,000.- Euro. It is awarded annually by the Institute of Applied Physics of TU Wien to the student with the best performance in a poster competition. Emeritus Prof. F. Viehböck and the current director of IAP Prof. F. Aumayr handed over the prize to the winner during the institute's Christmas party.

Congratulations, Christian!

Anna: A glorious finish and a fresh start

Anna celebrates with the group


We congratulate Anna for defending her Masters thesis today with distinction. After a tiny break she will start as a PhD student in January 2020.

Richard right on (tenure) track!

Assistent Prof. Richard Wilhelm


Richard Wilhelm has been appointed as Assistant Professor (tenure track) for “Ion and Plasma Physics” starting on November 1st, 2019. Congratulations, Richard!

Janine's radio Gig

Janine starrs on Radio NJOY 91.3 FM


Today Janine appeared on Radio NJOY 91.3 FM in the programme “WISSENSCHAFTSRADIO - Wissenschaft einfach erklärt”. Together with other candidates she had the task of explaining the content of her doctoral thesis in a generally understandable way in just 90 seconds. She managed this outstandingly well. Congratulations, Janine!

You can listen to an audio recording of her presentation here.

"Escape the Lab" - Challenge for Fritz

Birthday party for Fritz


On the occasion of his 60th birthday, the group had come up with a special surprise for Fritz. The institute director, who only rarely works in his own laboratory anymore, was lured into the lab and locked up there. In order to escape again, Fritz had to solve a number of extremely difficult tasks (such as repairing lab equipment, programming computers, evaluating data, hard thinking and carrying out heavy manual work). After a lot of sweat he finally managed to open the combination lock and escape. But the real surprise was yet to come. In the new faculty council room not only the members of the working group but also a large number of friends, former graduate students of Fritz and colleagues had gathered to celebrate with him. What a nice surprise party!

Slow electrons for cancer treatment

Janine Schwestka


Ion beam radiation therapy uses complicated atomic-physical effects to fight cancer cells. Our group has now identified a new mechanism that directly emits low energy electrons, which are very effective in destroying cancer cells. An effect that has received little attention in this context plays an important role, the so-called “Interatomic Coulomb Decay” (ICD). The result has now been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters by Janine Schwestka and co-workers.

Link to original publication in J.Phys.Chem.Lett., Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English)

Herbert & Anna got married!



Almost the whole group travelled to Salzburg for celebrating with the happy couple and their adorable son Ferdi. Congratulations to family Biber!!

ICPEAC Poster Prize for Anna

Anna Anna_b 2019-July-26

At this week's ICPEAC conference in Deauville, France, Anna recieved the prize for best poster! More than 600 participants were allowed to vote and Anna's poster on 'The role of contaminations on the interaction of highly charged ions with 2D materials' was chosen as the winner. Congratulations, Anna!

START Prize awarded to Richard Wilhelm

Richard Wilhelm START Preis 2019-June-17

  • Richard Wilhelm has received the START Prize, the highest Austrian award for outstanding young researchers. Congratulations! The prize money will enable him to build the world's first ultrafast ion source at TU Wien within the next six years. With now four START awardees, one Wittgenstein laureate, and two recipients of ERC grants, Richard also makes our institute one of the most successful institutions in this respect!

TU press release (German)

"Best Lecture Award 2019"

logo 2019-June-13

* It already seems to be some kind of tradition. For the third time in a row (after 2017 & 2018), the Institute of Applied Physics won the Best Lecture Award of the Faculty of Physics of the TU Vienna in 2019. The prize, which honors outstanding achievements in teaching, goes to the “VU Grundlagen der Physik Ia und Ib”. Congratulations to the lecturers from our group: Fritz Aumayr, Martin Müller, Richard Wilhelm, & Ille Gebeshuber. (read more).

The group visits FOTEC

Fotec 2019-Feb-22

* Here you can see the group during an excursion to FOTEC where Sebastian Keerl a former graduate of our group is working. Among other components FOTEC developes electric propulsion sytems for spacecrafts which are based on liquid ion emitters.

Interview with Florian

Florian Laggner 2019-March-20

* Florian Laggner, a former PhD student in our group, tells in an interview how he is doing at Princeton University (interview in German).

The group goes skiing at Stuhleck

Skiing at Stuhleck 2019-Feb-21

* Today we went downhill-skiing on Stuhleck mountain. Due to the beautiful weather, skiing together as a group was a lot of fun. Thank you, Anna, for organizing this wonderful trip.

"DerStandard" features fusion research at TU Wien

DerStandard 2019-Feb-20

* In today's Austrian newspaper DerStandard Fritz Aumayr gives an interview on the prospects and difficulties of international fusion research, the Austrian participation in EUROfusion and in particular the contributions from TU Wien towards the realisation of fusion as a future energy source. Read the full article (in German) or online.

Plasma Physics live!

Aurora Borealis 2019-Feb-14

* When visiting a conference in Finnish-Lapland there is always a certain chance to observe plasma physics in action: Early morning today (around 04:50) the northern sky in Levi was finally clear to see a stunning “Aurora Borealis”.

Christiana Hörbiger Prize for Paul!

Paul Szabo 2019-Jan-25

* Paul Szabo received the Christiana HÖRBIGER Prize Prize. The prize serves to promote the international mobility of young scientists. Congratulations, Paul!

Interview on the Future of Fusion

futurezone.at 2019-Jan-02

* The year 2019 starts with an interview of Fritz Aumayr on the subject of nuclear fusion by the Kurier magazine futurezone.at.

Our research is presented in the TV show "nano" on 3SAT

Science-Slam 2018-Oct-19

* This week our laboratories were the location for TV recordings for the popular science show “nano”. The report was broadcasted today on 3SAT and is available online here.

Georg "slams" in Munich

Science-Slam 2018-Oct-19

* Taking part in the Munich Science-Slam Georg had to present his scientific research work within 2 minutes in front of a non-expert audience. He did it by asking “How to create energy from stars within doghnuts”. This needs a good portion of courage and humour. Well done Georg! (see his contribution in YouTube)

Herbert's Finish and Fresh Start

Herbert Biber 2018-Oct-10

* What a coincidence! Not only did Herbert very successfully complete his Master's studies today, we also learned that the FWF has approved our grant application. This means Herbert's PhD position is now secured and he will continue working with us. Congratulations Herbert!

The Diploma Thesis Award 2018 of the City of Vienna goes to Paul Szabo

Paul Szabo 2018-Sep-21

* Once a year, the City of Vienna awards prizes to particularly outstanding diploma theses at the Vienna University of Technology (one per faculty). This year's award winner of the Faculty of Physics is Paul Szabo. His thesis Experimental and Simulated Sputtering of Gold, Iron and Wollastonite with a Catcher-QCM Setup was carried out in our group. Results of his Thesis have been published in several papers and were also featured in a Press release of TU Wien. Congratulations! The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 19 October 2018 at 13.00 c.t. in the Kuppelsaal of TU Wien. TU News reporting on the award ceremony

Strong performance at HCI-2018

HCI 2018 2018-Sep-07

* With invited talks by Janine Schwestka and Richard Wilhelm and an oral presentation by Paul Szabo, our group was very well represented at this year's International Conference on Highly Charged Ions HCI-2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. The content of the three talks was met with great interest by the participants and the talks highly praised for their excellent presentation.

Fritz celebrates his birthday with a barbecue party

barbecue party 2018 2018-July-06

* On the occasion of his birthday, Fritz Aumayr invited his team to his home for a barbecue. A pleasant summer night, delicacies from the grill and sufficient drinks made the evening a nice memory.

SHIM-ICACS Best Poster Prize for Sascha Creutzburg!

SHIM-ICACS Poster Prize for Sascha Creutzburg (on the right) 2018-July-06

* For his poster on “Investigation of the exit charge state distribution of highly charged ions transmitted through different 2D materials” our close collaborator and associated PhD student Sascha Creutzburg from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf was awarded the Best Poster Prize of the joint conference SHIM-ICACS2018 (10th International Symposium On Swift Heavy Ions In Matter & 28th International Conference On Atomic Collisions In Solids) held in Caen, France this week. Congratulations Sascha!

We are cooking together

cooking curse at Prosi 2018-June-28

* As a team building event, members of the atomic and plasma physics group took part in a cooking class today. The motto: Indian, vegetarian, hot. The participants obviously enjoyed it.

IBMM Prize 2018 for Richard Wilhelm!

IBMM Prize for Richard Wilhelm IBMM Prize for Richard Wilhelm 2018-June-25

* For his contribution to “the understanding of highly charged ions and their interactions with solid surfaces” Richard Wilhelm has been honored with this year’s IBMM Prize. The International Advisory Committee of the International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Material (IBMM) awards this prize biennially to an early career researcher (up to 7 years since PhD) who has made an outstanding contribution to the ion-beam-modification field. The competition for this year’s prize was very strong so we are justly proud of Richard's achievements. As the winner of the IBMM Prize Richard not only received a cash award but also gave an invited talk at the IBMM conference this week in San Antonio Texas. Congratulations Richard!

TU Wien News(in German)

Christiana Hörbiger Prize for Janine!

Janine Schwestka 2018-June-25

* Janine Schwestka receives the Christiana HÖRBIGER Prize. The prize serves to promote the international mobility of young scientists. Congratulations, Janine!

"Double Jackpot" for IAP at this year's Best Teaching Awards

logo Best teaching award 2018 2018-June-14

* At today's teaching award ceremony, the institute cleared all available prizes for the faculty of physics, leaving no chance for the other institutes. The prize for “Best Teacher 2018” of the faculty of physics went to Martin Müller, while the course “Grundlagen der Physik III” (Fundamentals of Physics III) taught by Fritz Aumayr and Martin Müller received the “Best Lecture Award 2018” of the Faculty of Physics, TU Wien. The prize honors excellence in teaching and consists of a trophy, a certificate and 5000 euros to be spent on new teaching equipment. This year the prizes were awarded for the second time. Last year the institute had already received the Best Lecture award for the course “Grundlagen der Physik I”.

Press release of TU Wien (in German), YouTube Video

Ferdinand II visits our lab

Ferdinand Biber 2018-June-14

* Today Herbert Biber proudly introduced us to his only a few days old son Ferdinand. The group came together and marvelled at Ferdinand, who endured everything with stoic calmness. Well done Herbert!

The true power of the solar wind

copyright NASA Herbert Biber, Paul Szabo, Friedrich Aumayr, Reinhard Stadlmayr, Daniel Mayer (v.l.n.r) 2018-Jun-12

* The solar wind, a steady stream of mainly protons and few multiply charged heavier ions from the sun, causes significant erosion upon impact on the surface of atmosphere-less planets like Mercury or on the moon. In a recent paper Paul Szabo and co-workers now show that previous models of this process are incomplete. The effects of solar wind bombardment are in some cases much more drastic than previously thought. The role of solar wind constituents heavier than protons and in particular the role of the particles charge state has so far been underestimated.

Link to original publication in Icarus, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English), ORF.at, derStandard, futurezone.at

"look! Business Award" for Ille Gebeshuber

Look! Business Award for Ille Gebeshuber 2018-April-11

* For the fourth time, women with vision and courage to take risks have been awared with the “look! Business Award”, women in management positions, founders and managers. Ille Gebeshuber was honored in the category “MINT Industries”. The laudation was held by Karin Zipperer from ASFINAG, the sponsor of this category. Congratulations Ille!

Loschmidt-Prize for Elisabeth

Award Ceremony at Univ. Wien 2018-Jan-23

* One week after recieving the Hannspeter Winter Award from TU Wien, Dr. Elisabeth Gruber was awarded the next prize: Dr. Gruber is one of two recipients of this year's Loschmidt Prize. This prize is awarded annually by the Austrian Chemical Physics Society CPG for an outstanding PhD thesis. Elisabeth Gruber received her doctorate in 2017. Her thesis is entitled “Interaction of Ions with 3D and 2D materials”. Elisabeth is currently a post-doc at Aarhus University. Congratulations!

Hannspeter Winter award for Elisabeth

Elisabeth Gruber 2017-Nov-13 (2018-Jan-19)

* The Hannspeter Winter Award, named after our former institute director, was established at the TU Wien in 2007 and honours achievements in research in PhD projects by female graduate students. It also aims to increase awareness of notable achievements of women in the field of research and technology. The prize is awarded annually and this year our institute is proud to announce that it has been awarded to Dr. Elisabeth Gruber who recently finished her PhD thesis under the supervision of Fritz Aumayr. Congratulations Elisabeth! The award ceremony will take place on Jan. 19th, 2018 at 1 pm in the Kuppelsaal of TU Wien.

Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English)

Ille C. Gebeshuber declared "Austrian of the Year 2017 (Category Research)"

Ille Gebeshuber 2017-Sep-25

* During the Austria'17 Gala yesterday Ille Gebeshuber was declared “Austrian of the Year 2017 in the Category Research”. Our congratulations to the proud winner!

Paul graduates

the group celebrates Paul 2017-October-12

  • Today Paul Szabo successfully passed his final Master exam “with distinction”. Nobody - exept maybe Paul himself - had any doubts that this woud be the outcome. We are very happy that Paul will stay in the group and continue as a PhD student.

Richard is back !

2017-Oct-01 Dr. Richard Wilhelm

  • Dr. Richard Wilhelm returns from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf to strengthen our group and establish his own line of research. Welcome back Richard!

Ille Gebeshuber nominated as "Austrian of the Year 2017 (Category Research)"

Ille Gebeshuber 2017-Sep-29

* The Austrians of the Year 2017 will be awarded on the 24th of October at the Austria'17 Gala. The winners are determined by an online voting. The vote is still possible until 6 October. Please support Ille.

Looking for the best materials for 3D printing

A. Ajami 2017-Sep-25

* Aliashgar Ajami, Wolfgang Husinsky and co-workers have published a new method, which makes it possible to find better and more effective material for precise 3D printing technologies.

Link to original publication in Applied Physics Letters, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English).

The solution to an old riddle

ICD 2017-Sep-08

* For more than 20 years atomic physicists have speculated about the mechanism, which allows “hollow atoms” to deexcited with a few femtoseconds. Our experiments with highly charged ions and graphene now show that the reason is an effect so far not accounted for: the so-called “interatomic coulomb decay”. Our results have now been published in the journal “Physical Review Letters” and have been highlighted there as “editors' suggestion”.

Link to original publication in Physical Review Letters, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English), APA article 1, APA article 2 Der Standard, futurezone.at phys.org

It's summer time!

ice 2017-July-06

* With temperatures approaching 30°C the few remaining group members start experimenting with different flavors of ice and in particular study the phase transformation during contact with a warm muscular organ in the mouth.

Reinhard finishes mountain marathon around lake Traunsee

Reinhard Iron-Tungstenman 2017-July-02

* Taking part in this years 29th Bergmarathon around lake Traunsee in Upper Austria, “Iron-Tungstenman” Reinhard had to cross a total distance of 70 km with 4500 meters elevation gain and he did it within 15:38 hours. A major sporting achievement, congratulations!

Four new Masters of Science

Four new Masters of Science 2017-June-28

* The master degree “Diplomingenieur” was handed over today to Johannes Gnilsen, David Melinc, Matthias Schmidtmayr and Jakob Kirschner by the Dean of Studies Prof. Helmut Leeb and Prof. Fritz Aumayr who acted on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Physics.

We are having a barbecue

barbecue 2017-June-25

* The group is having a great time during a barbecue afternoon and evening organized by Fritz at his house.

Formal ceremony for Elisabeth

Dr. Elisabeth Gruber 2017-June-23

* In a very formal doctoral award ceremony the official PhD certificate was handed over to Elisabeth today!

"Best Lecture Award 2017"

logo Best Lecture Award 2017 Best Lecture Award 2017 2017-June-14

* The course “Grundlagen der Physik I” (Fundamentals of Physics I) taught by Fritz Aumayr, Martin Müller and Wolfgang Werner received the “Best Lecture Award 2017” of the Faculty of Physics in a ceremony held today at TU Wien. The prize consisting of a trophy, a certificate and 5000 euros to be spent on new teaching equipment was awarded for the first time and honors excellence in teaching.

Press release of TU Wien (in German), YouTube Video

The Master Series Continues

Jakob Kirschner 2017-June-13

* Today Jakob Kischner successfully passed his diploma exam. There seems to be an assembly line for master students somewhere close by ;-)

David Melinc Graduates

David Melinc 2017-June-8

* David Melinc successfully passes his final exam and celebrates with the group. Please double-click the image twice and see what happens.

Florian leaves for Princeton

(c) die Presse 2017-May-20

* Florian is heading for Princeton (New Jersey - USA) to start his PostDoc in Fusion research on June 1, 2017 at the famous Princeton University. But before he left, he gave an interview to the Austrian Newspaper Die Presse (in German).

The physics of 10-pin bowling

Bowling 2017-May-09

* Bowling is a real world problem governed by the laws of physics - at least in principle! That understanding physics might not be sufficient in practice, the group had to learn the hard way during a team-building afternoon at the Ocean Park in Viennas Millenium City. But at least they had great fun!

Glorious finish also for Florian Laggner

Florian Laggner 2017-May-05

* Only one day after Bernhard, also Florian laggner successfully defended his PhD thesis (with Prof. Heyn from TU Graz as external examiner). Just in time, because in less than a month he will start his PostDoc career at the prestigeous Princeton University in New Jersey, USA. Congratulations, Dr. Laggner!

Dr.techn. for Bernhard Berger

Bernhard Berger 2017-May-4th

* Compared to his wedding 2 years ago, the defense of his PhD thesis today was no big deal for Bernhard. He stayed calm even when Prof. Christian Linsmeier from Forschungszentrum Jülich as external examiner posed the most tricky questions. Congratulations, Dr. Berger!

2 master students graduate

Johannes Gnilsen and Matthias Schmidtmayr celebrate 2017-April-25

* Johannes Gnilsen and Matthias Schmidtmayr successfully passed their final exam today. Both masters theses deal with problems in magnetically confined fusion plasmas and were partially conducted in Garchig (JG) and MIT (MS). To celebrate their success they treated us with Bavarian specialities (Weißwurst and Brezel).

News from the TUW Fusion Outpost at IPP Garching

some members of the TUW Fusion Outpost at IPP Garching 2017-April-6

* Marko Mayer, who wrote his diploma thesis in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching (aka “the TU Wien Fusion Outpost”) just uploaded his final report to the FuseNet homepage. The FuseNet program supports students writing a fusion relevant thesis or doing internships at fusion experiments abroad.

Dr.techn. for Elisabeth Gruber

Elisabeth Gruber 2017-March-28

* Without any problems Elisabeth today defended her dissertation entitled 'Interaction of ions with 3D and 2D materials'. Prof. Peter Bauer from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz served as second and external examiner. Afterwards the group threw a great party for Elisabeth. Well, done, Elisabeth!

Degree for Dominic

Dominic Blöch 2017-March-15

* Today Dominic Blöch finished his Masters study by passing his final examination and the group celebrated his success. Congratulations Herr Diplomingenieur!

Group forced to dress for Carneval

Carneval 2017 2017-Feb-28

* Following a strict order by the institute director, members of the research area Atomic and Plasma Physics Group had to dress up for Carneval today. Due to the big success, this order will be extended next year to the whole institute. ;-)

Elisabeth's paper was highlighted by IOP

Highlight of 2016 2017-Feb-8

* The manuscript on “Swift heavy ion irradiation of CaF2 – from grooves to hillocks in a single ion track” by Elisabeth Gruber et al. published in J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 28 (2016) 405001 has also been selected by IOP as a Highlight of 2016 in the Surfaces and Interfaces Section of the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. The papers in this collection were chosen based on a number of criteria, including presentation of outstanding research, popularity with our online readership and high praise from referees. Congratulations Elisabeth!

Florian's paper was highlighted by IOP

Highlight of 2016 2017-Jan-24

* The manuscript on “High frequency magnetic fluctuations correlated with the inter-ELM pedestal evolution in ASDEX Upgrade” by Florian Laggner et al. published in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion was among the most popular articles downloaded last year, and has been therefore been selected as a Highlight of 2016 by IOP. Congratulations Florian!

The group celebrates!

Celebration 2016-Dec-22

* French champagne was the only way to adequately celebrate yesterday's publication in Nature Communications. Cheers to Elisabeth!

Elisabeth hits the TU headlines for the second time in this year!

Elisabeth Gruber 2016-Dec-21

* With her first-author paper published today in Nature Communications, Elisabeth Gruber made the TU headlines already for the second time in this year (see the news from 2016-Aug-29 below). In this work, we demonstrate that graphene, a two-dimensional form of carbon, is able to provide tens of electrons for charge neutralization of a slow highly charged ion within a few femtoseconds only. This in turn results in extremely high current densities, which the graphene can withstand without suffering permanent damage.

Link to original publication in Nature Communications, Press release of TU Wien (in German), Press release of TU Wien (in English), ORF.at, Der Standard, APA article 1 APA article 2 Press release of HZDR (in German), facebook, futurezone.at

Christmas Party 2016

Xmas party 2016 2016-Dec-16

  • Present and former group members enjoy this year's IAP-Christmas Party in the “Kuppelsaal” of TU Wien.

Georg Harrer Graduates

Georg Harrer celebrates with the group 2016-Nov-25

  • Georg Harrer successfully passes his final exam and celebrates with the group. Georg will continue working with us as a PhD student.

Ille publishes her first popular science book

Cover of Ille's new book 2016-October-4

* Today Ille C. Gebeshuber presented her brand new and first popular science book entitled: “Wo die Maschinen wachsen: Wie Lösungen aus dem Dschungel unser Leben verändern werden”, Ecowin Verlag, by Benevento Publishing - 236 pages, ISBN 978-3-7110-0090-3. more info

Group Outing to Wachau valley

Group Photo 2016-September-29

* Our group outing 2016 brought us to the beautiful village of Dürnstein (Wachau valley). We hiked the Vogelbergsteig, quench the resulting thirst with fresh “Sturm” (fermented freshly pressed grape juice turning into young wine) and tasted typical Austrian “Heurigen” food. Overall, everyone was having a good time.

Kathi Dobes selected as “FEMtech Female Expert of the Month”

Katharina Dobes (© Klaus Ranger - Evotion) 2016-September-24

* Since 2005, the achievements and expertise of successful women working in research and technology are highlighted on a monthly basis in the media by the FEMtech initiative (BMVIT ministry). This month our former group member Kathi Dobes, now working at RUAG Space GmbH, has been selected as FEMtech Female Expert of the Month September 2016. After Ille Gebeshuber (FEMtech Female Expert in March 2008) she is the second group member having received this prestigious acknowledgement. Press coverage der Standard (24.09.2016), FFG, FEMtech,YouTube VideoFEMtech,Die Presse (15.10.2016).

The ECAMP "bembel" put to good use

celebrating our latest PRL 2016-September-19

* The bemble (a specific Apfelwein jug) brought back from the ECAMP conference in Franfurt was put to a good use today when celebrating our latest PRL (Ayman S. El-Said et al. PRL 117 (2016) 126101). Instead of “Ebbelwoi” (Hessischer Apfelwein), however, the group members were treated with “Schilcher Sturm”, a seasonally produced semi-fermented grape must from Austria. “Prost” (= Cheers) to Ayman!

Meteorite Impact on a Nano Scale

HCI-surface interaction 2016-August-29

* A meteorite impacting the earth under a grazing angle of incidence can do a lot of damage; it may travel a long way, carving a trench into the ground until it finally penetrates the surface. The impact site may be vaporized, there can be large areas of molten ground. All that remains is a crater, some debris, and an extensive trail of devastation on both sides of the impact site.

Hitting a surface with high-energy, heavy ions has quite similar effects – only on a much smaller scale. In a recent publication our group has investigated the microscopic structures which are formed when ions are fired at crystals at oblique angles of incidence and could shed light on the underlying formation mechanism.

Link to original publication, IOP lab talk article Press release of the TU Wien (in German), Press release of the TU Wien (in English), ORF.at, APA article Der Standard

Success for our team at the dragon boat race

dragon boat race 2016-June-30

  • Against tough competition the “Physica” team of the faculty of physics finished 3rd in the dragon boat race. Congratulations to our boys (f.l.t.r) Reinhard, Dominic, Paul, Christian and Bernhard, who have made this success of the “Physica” team possible!

Graduation ceremony

4 x sponsion 2016-June-29

  • At today's SPONSION (graduation ceremony) we could celebrate a record of 4 group members receiving their master certificates (see photo) Lorenz, Janine, Valerie and Sebastian. Celebration time again!

Double trouble

the group celebrates Lorenz and Sebastian 2016-June-14

  • Today's final exams meant double trouble for our Master candidates Sebastian Keerl and Lorenz Bergen: First, Sebastian's Master defense had to be shifted by 90 minutes because one of his examiners did not show up, then Lorenz's Laptop did not connect to the data projector. Both candidates, however, demonstrated that they are able to cope with any situation and successfully finished their examinations. Congratulations and success for your future careers!

"Blitz defence" by Valerie

the group celebrates Valerie 2016-June-8

  • Today, Valerie successfully defended her Master thesis and passed her final exam. In her master thesis she built a new setup to measure ion transmission through thin free-standing foils including graphene. Congratulations Valerie and success for your future career!

Ille teaches in the tram

"Ring"-lecture 2016-May-17

  • Nanotechnology was the subject of today's public lecture held by Ille Gebeshuber. The location, however, was quite unusual: The lecture was given in a tram moving along the Vienna Ringstrasse and part of a larger event called “The month of free education” (Monat der freien Bildung).

The next graduate: Janine

the group celebrates Janine 2016-April-22

  • Today we celebrate Janine Schwestka for successfully passing her final exam. In her master thesis she investigated highly charged ion induced electron emission from single layer graphene. Janine will continue working with us as a PhD student.

New Post-Doc

2016-April-1 Dr. Richard Wilhelm

  • Dr. Richard Wilhelm from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf joins our group as a post-doc. Welcome Richard!

Ille returns from Malaysia

2016-April-1 Prof. Ille C. Gebeshuber

  • After more than 7 years of leave from TU Wien Prof. Ille C. Gebeshuber returns from Kuala Lumpur, where she worked at the National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia). Welcome back Ille!

Reinhard graduates

the group celebrates Reinhard 2016-March-09

  • Reinhard Stadlmayr successfully passes his final exam. His masters thesis deals with erosion of fusion relevant wall materials under deuterium ion impact. Here the group celebrates his success. Reinhard will continue working with us as a PhD student.

It's a Boy!

Bernhard's and Inges's Baby 2016-Feb-15

  • Bernhard and his wife Inge proudly announce the birth of their first baby “Ferdinand”.

Fritz Aumayr - New Director of Institute of Applied Physics

Prof. Friedrich Aumayr 2016-Jan-1

  • Fritz Aumayr succeeds Herbert Störi as “Institutsvorstand” (Head of IAP). Effective of Dec 1st, 2015 Fritz Aumayr was also appointed as a full professor of ion and plasma physics at TU Wien.

Bernhard Berger got married

Bernhard and Inge 2015-Aug-8

  • Congratulations to Bernhard and Inge!

The HZDR Research Prize 2014 goes to our collaborators from Dresden

HZDR Research Prize 2014 2015-March-13

  • Once a year the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) announces a prize for outstanding achievements in research. This year's prize was awarded to our close collaborators Dr. Stefan Facsko, Dr. René Heller and Dr. Richard Wilhelm from HZDR for our joint investigations on the interaction of highly charged ions with ultra-thin carbon nanomembranes (see the news story “Stop! In the Name of Carbon” below). The award ceremony was held on Friday, 13.03.2015 and attended by the Saxon Minister of Research Dr. Eva-Maria Stange (HZDR press release). We are also very pleased and congratulate our collegues for their great success!

Matthias Willensdorfer receives EUROFusion fellowship

Matthias Willensdorfer receives EUROFusion fellowship 2015-Jan-10

  • Dr. Matthias Willensdorfer, who finished his PhD thesis in our Atomic and Plasma Physics Group in 2013 and then became a postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching, has received one of the prestigeous EUROfusion fellowships. Within his fellowship Matthias will work on the impact of external magnetic perturbations and 3D effects on plasma transport. (see IPP highlights 2015).

Fritz Aumayr elected as president of the Chemical Physical Society 2015

Loschmidt Prize of CPG to Dr. Deutsch 2014-Dec-9

  • Fritz Aumayr was elected president of the „Chemisch Physikalische Gesellschaft - CPG“ (chemical physical society) for the year 2015. The society was founded in 1869 by H. Hlasiwetz, J. Loschmidt, J. Petzval und J. Stefan in Vienna. Major goal is the dissemination of knowledge in chemistry and physics accomplished by regular lectures of internationally renowned scientists (information about the society can be found here). Moreover, an annual Loschmidt Prize for excellent PhD work in chemistry or physics is awarded. Press release about the Loschmidt Prize 2014.

Nanoantennas from femtosecond laser pulses

nano-antenna 2014-June-2

  • Wolfgang Husinsky and his co-workers have demonstrated for the first time that an array of nanoantennas (central nanotips inside sub-micrometer pits) on an aluminum surface, fabricated using a specific double-pulse femtosecond laser irradiation scheme, results in a 28-fold enhancement of the non-linear (three-photon) electron photoemission yield. The results are reported in the latest issue of Laser Physics Letters. Link to original publication, TU News Der Standard

Stop! In the Name of Carbon

HCI-surface interaction 2014-April-18

100 years of Bohr's model

Hollow atom 2013-June-05

* A special issue of the journal Nature features the “hollow atom” research at TU Wien. (German version)

Fritz Aumayr appointed as new director of the Austrian nuclear fusion research program

Fritz Aumayr 2013-Jan-16

This week's cover story in the PROFIL magazine

PROFIL 08.10.2012 2012-Oct-08

A time travel experience

D. Schrempf, F. Aumayr, R. Ritter, F. Pöltl, E. Gruber, A. Veiter, A. Fuchs-Fuchs, K. Dobes and V. Smekal (from left to right) 2012-Oct-01

  • This year's institute excursion led us to the Archeology Park Carnuntum about half an hour east of Vienna. The guided tour tourned out to be a true time travel experience.

Our students did it again!

K. Dobes (TU instructor at CEPOTS) and TU students: D. Schrempf, A. Fuchs-Fuchs, P. Gunacker und S. Wampl (from left to right) 2012-Sep-28

  • 4 students of TU Wien (3 of them Bachelor or Master students in our Atomic and Plasma Physics Group) scored top (rank 1, 2, 3 and 5 out of 22 participants from UK, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Greece and Turkey) at the Erasmus Intensive Programme CPOTS 2012, a two week study course on Charged Particle Optics Simulations (CPOTS 2012), which took place from 19. Aug. to 2. Sep. 2012 at the University of Crete in Heraklion, Greece. The TU students thus repeated last years success (see report below) and convincingly demonstrated that physics education at TU Wien is still internationally highly competitive.

Nanostructuring surfaces with highly charged ions

HCI-surface interaction 2012-Sep-18

EFDA News: Picture of the week (September 2012)

EFDA Picture of the week 2012-Sep-04

Our new AFM has arrived!

Robert Ritter at the new Cypher AFM 2012-Jul-01

  • The Cypher AFM (Asylum Research) is presently the world's fasted and highest resolution atomic force microscope (AFM) commercially available. And since this week we are the proud owners of such a fine instrument (and Robert Ritter already an expert user).

Ille gives her inaugural lecture in Malaysia

Prof. Ille C. Gebeshuber 2011-Nov-14

  • Prof. Ille C. Gebeshuber presently on leave from TU Wien (and our group) will give her inaugural lecture as full professor at the National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur on Nov. 14, 2011. Congratulations!

Big success for our students at ERASMUS-CEPOTS 2011 in Crete

G. Kowarik (TU instructor at CEPOTS) and TU Students: M.Willensdorfer, P. Naderer, K.Dobes, E. Gruber (from left to right) 2011-Sep-15

Gregor Kowarik receives ALC11 Poster Award

Gregor Kowarik 2011-May-25

  • At the 8th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices 2011 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, Gregor Kowarik, member of the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group has received a Student Award for his contribution Tuning the Efficiency of Capillary Guiding.

Our research on plasma-wall-interaction is covered by several Austrian newspapers

Die Presse 2011-Mar-1

  • In its sunday issue of Feb. 27th, 2011, the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” reports on plasma-wall-interaction research in our group. See the online article or download the scanned PRESSE-article. Two days later another article appears in the newspaper “Salzburger Nachrichten” (you can download the scanned SN-article here).

Ille's research in Malaysia is covered by the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard"

Ille Gebeshuber 2011-Feb-09

  • The Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” reports on “bionic” research performed by our group member Ille C Gebeshuber, who is currently on leave from IAP and working as a professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. See the online article or download the scanned newspaper article.

ITER newsline reports on fusion research in our group

ITER newsline 2010-Sep-10

Press release on fusion research in our group

Katharina Dobes 2010-Aug-23

Fritz Aumayr elected as EPS division chair

F. Aumayr 2010-Jul-14

Robert Ritter receives DOC stipendium from the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Robert Ritter 2010-Feb-26

  • Robert Ritter, PhD student in the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group has been awarded a prestigious DOC-Stipendium by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which will allow him to pursue his studies on nanostructure formation due to impact of slow highly charged ions for the next 2.5 years. Austrian Federal Minister of Science and Research Prof. Dr. Beatrix Karl handed over the certificate to him in a celebration on Feb.26, 2010 at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

Our image movie is now online



We have been renamed

new IAP logo 2009-Oct-01

  • After 34 years of service our well known trade mark name “Institut für Allgemeine Physik” has been changed by the university administration to “Institut für Angewandte Physik” (Institute of Applied Physics). Our acronym (IAP), however, stays the same, as will the quality of our research and teaching.

Surprise Birthday Party for Fritz Aumayr

Birthday Party 2009-August-27

  • Our group leader, Fritz Aumayr, became 50 just recently. Just the proper occasion for a wicked summer-style party … of course a surprise. Some students managed to guide Fritz to the party by means of highly sophisticated methods, pretending very interesting research findings. And all that without arousing his suspicion! Eventually the surprise worked out and finally ended in a nice celebration.

Prestigious "Humboldt Research Fellowship" for Ayman S. El-Said

Ayman S. El-Said 2009-June-01

  • Ayman S. El-Said, post-doctoral researcher in the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group has been awarded a prestigious “Humboldt Research Fellowship” by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. His fellowship will take him to Forschungszentrum Dresden in Rossendorf/Germany, where he will start his work in fall 2009. We wish him success for his future career and hope for fruitful collaborations.

Walter Meissl takes a PostDoc position at RIKEN

Walter Meissl 2009-April-01

  • Japan-fan Walter Meissl leaves the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group to work as a PostDoc at the renowned RIKEN Lab near Tokyo (Japan) in the group of Prof. Yasunori Yamazaki.

Ille leaves us for 3 years

Ille Gebeshuber 2008-Dec-01

Special screening of "Miss Entropy"

Miss Entropy


  • The premiere screening of Miss Entropy, an experimental thriller produced by our group member Artur Golczewski (Birdman&Artboy Ventures) and filmed in the labs and offices of our group is scheduled at the AUDIMAX at TU Wien 08:00 pm. Click here to see the movie.

Highly charged ions - a new tool for surface nanostructuring !

HCI induced nanohillocks on CaF2 2008-Jun-16

Walter Meissl receives ALC07 Poster Award

Walter Meissl 2007-Oct-30

  • At the 6th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices '07 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa/Japan, Walter Meissl, member of the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group has received a Student Award for his contribution Electron emission from highly charged ion irradiated alkali-halide targets.

Lasers and Darwin

Laserlab at IAP 2006-Nov-21

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