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Wolfgang Werner

Present group:

Research Overview

The working group is concentrated on understanding of aspects of the electron-solid interaction, experimental and theoretical work in the related fields (Surface Physics, Solid State Physics, coincidence spectroscopy etc.).

The development of the certified model of electron transport in solids and Monte-Carlo calculations is one of the main goals. As an experimental background the lab operated with the MOVES system, which can perform momentum resolved spectroscopy, (e,2e)-coincidence spectroscopy, XPS, REELS. The system is equipped with the two ion guns for sputtering (in the preparation chamber and in the analysis chamber). The main “feature” of the system - ability to measure a secondary electron yield (SEY) of the sample by the two analyzers (the HMA and the TOF). The first one (HMA) gives an information concerning the energies of the secondaries, and the second (TOF) gives an information about the time of flight of the low-energy electrons (LEE) as a part of the coincidence spectra.

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