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Animation of sputtering

Molecular-dynamics simulations for 1 keV Ar+ → Cu(111) by Gerhard Betz; Animation by Michael Schmid. The simulation shows one arbitrary event with three ejected Cu atoms (one single atom, one dimer). Other Ar+ impact events can result in ejection of zero to many more Cu atoms, with an average (sputter yield) around 2–3.

  • Overview — What it looks like from the outside
  • Energies — The energy of the incoming ion gets transferred to the target atoms.
  • The Collision Cascade — See the trajectories of the atoms
  • Radiation damage — Note that intermixing affects much more atoms than sputtering! This makes it clear why you can't get layer-by-layer removal by sputtering.

Copyright: Free use for students and teaching; distribution via media of any kind and commercial use with permission only.

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