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The QPlus Machine

The QPlus system in its early days Our newest ultrahigh-vacuum system is a low-temperature STM/AFM. For nc-AFM (non-contact atomic force microscopy) mode, it uses the so-called QPlus sensor, which is a tiny quartz tuning fork with an even tinier tip glued to the end of one of its prongs.

Since the machine is situated in the 5th floor in a noisy city environment, it needs an excellent vibration isolation system: We have suspended the one-metric-ton machine from the ceiling on 36 bungee cords! This design also features accurate levelling and has been patented (For more information, see the Youtube video).

We have also added an improved preamplifier (design by Giessibl's group). Now the machine delivers excellent results; two papers are already published in PNAS (press release) and Science (press release)!

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