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The MBE Machine

The MBE (molecular beam epitaxy) machine is an ultrahigh vacuum system based on a setup acquired from Specs (hence, also named Specs machine) with a preparation chamber optimized for growth of thin films. Besides a sample manipulator with electron beam heater, ion source for sputtering, evaporators, and a quartz crystal microbalance, the preparation chamber also houses an oxygen plasma source. The analysis chamber is equipped with XPS, LEED and a variable-temperature STM.

In 2014, the machine has been extended with a laser-MBE system, where oxides can be grown by pulsed laser deposition with in-situ control of the growth mode by RHEED (reflection high-energy electron diffraction). Growing complex oxides layer by layer with well-defined structure and stoichiometry is a challenging task, but we have been already successful with it!

As you can imagine when looking at the image, it is currently the largest UHV machine of our group…

The MBE machine

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