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 +===== Creating a Group Picture During a Pandemia =====
 +{{  :surface:news:making_of_group_photo.jpg?150|Figure 1}}
 +It has become a tradition to shoot a group photo at the 3rd floor of Freihaus, right across the Stephansdom, around July.  This year we tried to honor not only this tradition but also social distancing rules. The figure shows how this involved: (A) Our professional photographer, David, moving his camera even further back than usual and (B) taking positions while staying safely away from each other. (C) Shows the - already edited - outcome after much running back and forth by David, who luckily shows considerable athletic in addition to artistic skills.  The final photo, after some additional editing, can be admired by clicking on [[:surface:group:|Group Members]] at the upper left of this page.
===== Prof. Martin Setvin, Charles University, Prague ===== ===== Prof. Martin Setvin, Charles University, Prague =====
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We extend our warmest congratulations! We extend our warmest congratulations!
===== Lena Joins the Group ===== ===== Lena Joins the Group =====
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