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 +===== International Brain Circulation ======
 +{{  :surface:news:brain_circulation.png?200|}}
 +  * Lots of coming and going in the surface physics group during the past few months: Jian Xu (a) returns to his [[http://study.cqu.edu.cn/HOME.htm|home university in Chongqing, China]]. Zhiyu Zou (b) assumes a post-doc position at the [[http://www.ufl.edu|University of Florida]].  Sebastian (c) takes off a week from his high-school studies to check out the lab live of physicists.  Jakub Holobrádek (d) from [[https://www.vutbr.cz/en/?aid_redir=1|TU Brno]] starts his Erasmus work with us, and so does Martin Štubian (e) and Radek Caesar (sorry, no picture available).  Amy Brandt (f) from the [[https://www.sc.edu|University of South Carolina]] visits us for three months, and Manuel Ulreich (f) from Austria starts his Masters thesis work.  It is great to welcome so many fresh faces, and we bid our outgoing colleagues a heartfelt farewell.
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