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-  * 23.10.2018 {{:seminars:2018-10-23_szabo_schwestka.pdf|Paul S. Szabo: Sputtering of Mercury and Moon Analogue +  * 11.12.2018 {{:seminars:2018-12-11_merola.pdf|Claudia Merola: Unrevealing the corrosion mechanism in nanometer confined gaps using white light interferometry in reflection and transmission mode}} 
-Material by Solar Wind Ions; Janine Schwestka: Ion beam spectroscopy of 2D materials}} + * 18.12.2018 {{:seminars:2018-12-18_novak.pdf|Jiří Novák: Watching Organic Semiconductor Films Grow and Melt – an X-ray View}}
-   * 4.12.2018 Jan Hulva: CO Binding Trends and Reactivity on Model Me1/Fe3O4 Single-Atom Catalysts & Jonas Gloss: Structure and Magnetism of Metastable Films of fcc Fe/C(100)+
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