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 +===== Max Auwärter Prize for Richard Wilhelm =====
 +{{ :atomic:raw.jpg?200|Richard Wilhelm}}
 +This year’s Max Auwärter Award goes to  [[:atomic:group:wilhelm:index|Richard Wilhelm]] of the Atomic and Plasma Physics group! Every two years, the Max Auwärter Foundation in Balzers, Lichtenstein, awards
 +the renowned Max Auwärter Prize, worth 10,000 euros, in memory of the founder of the "Gerätebauanstalt Balzers", now Oerlikon Balzers AG.
 +It is awarded to persons up to the age of 35 who have made special achievements in physical or chemical research on surfaces,
 +interfaces or thin films. The Max Auwärter Prize honors significant work in the fields of surface science, interface physics,
 +as well as anorganic and organic thin films. A list of previous awardees can be found [[https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Auw%C3%A4rter-Preis|here]]. As one can see, a former member of the Institute's staff, Stefan Cernusca, has already received the Max Auwärter Prize in 2004.
 +Wa are all proud about your success, Richard! Congratulations!
 +For more Details please read the [[https://www.tuwien.at/tu-wien/aktuelles/news/news/max-auwaerter-preis-fuer-richard-wilhelm/|TU Wien News]].
===== Prof. Martin Setvin, Charles University, Prague ===== ===== Prof. Martin Setvin, Charles University, Prague =====
-{{  :news:setvin.jpg?100|}}+{{  :news:setvin.jpg?130|}}
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