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ITER newsline 2010-Sep-10

Friedrich Aumayr elected as EPS division chair

F. Aumayr 2010-Jul-14

Honorary Doctorate for Peter Varga

Conferment ceremony 2010-May-28

  • In the Cathedral of Lund, in a grand ceremony, Peter Varga was conferred an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Lund, Sweden. The degree was awarded for his outstanding contributions to materials science on the atomic scale.

Dancing molecules

2010-May-14 Catechol adsorbed on TiO2

  • Newly appointed professor Ulrike Diebold has discovered that hydrogen bonding plays a key role in the diffusion of organic molecules across solid surfaces. By gaining and losing hydrogen atoms, catechol molecules rotate in a dance-like motion along the titanium rows of a TiO2 surface. These results have been published in the prestigious journal Science [Li et al., Science 328, 882-884 (2010)]. The work was also featured in Chemical and Engineering News [C&EN 88, 29 (2010)].

Robert Ritter receives DOC stipendium from the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Robert Ritter 2010-Feb-26

  • Robert Ritter, PhD student in the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group has been awarded a prestigious DOC-Stipendium by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which will allow him to pursue his studies on nanostructure formation due to impact of slow highly charged ions for the next 2.5 years. Austrian Federal Minister of Science and Research Prof. Dr. Beatrix Karl handed over the certificate to him in a celebration on Feb.26, 2010 at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

Movie on research activities is online



Newly appointed professor of surface science

Ulrike Diebold 2010-Jan-04

  • Prof. Ulrike Diebold has moved from Tulane University (New Orleans, LA, USA) to TU Wien and started her position as full professor of surface science at our institute.

We have been renamed

new IAP logo 2009-Oct-01

  • After 34 years of service our well known trade mark name “Institut für Allgemeine Physik” has been changed by the university administration to “Institut für Angewandte Physik” (Institute of Applied Physics). Our acronym (IAP), however, stays the same, as will the quality of our research and teaching.

CMS group moves to Makartvilla

Makartvilla 2009-Sept-01

  • The Computational Materials Science group moves to the Makartvilla, the former studio of painter Hans Makart and an architectural jewel, which is now a building of the TU Wien. The street address is Gußhausstraße 25-25a/134, 1040 Wien, Austria (see the map).

Prestigious "Humboldt Research Fellowship" for Ayman S. El-Said

Ayman S. El-Said 2009-June-01

  • Ayman S. El-Said, post-doctoral researcher in the Atomic and Plasma Physics Group has been awarded a prestigious “Humboldt Research Fellowship” by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. His fellowship will take him to Forschungszentrum Dresden in Rossendorf/Germany, where he will start his work in fall 2009. We wish him success for his future career and hope for fruitful collaborations.

New Webpage Design

IAP Website 2009-Mar-03

A major relaunch of the IAP/TU Wien webpages, replacing the decade-old design. You will still find a few legacy pages or pages under construction – sorry for the inconvenience!

We could not test everything with all web browsers. If you have problems with it or suggestions how to improve it, please send an email to Michael Schmid ([email address: lastname @ this server · enable javascript to see it]) or Wilhelm Hofer ([email address: lastname @ this server · enable javascript to see it]).

Ille leaves us for 3 years

Ille Gebeshuber 2008-Dec-01

A portable plasma cutting system developed at IAP

The new portable plasma cutter 2008-Oct-06

Hannspeter Winter Prize


  • The first Hannspeter Winter Prize of the TU Wien, named for the late head of our institute, was awarded to physicist Bianca Mladek. See the press release.

Highly charged ions - a new tool for surface nanostructuring !

HCI induced nanohillocks on CaF2 2008-Jun-16

Academy of Sciences Member

Michael Schmid 2007-Dec-14

Oxide structures of catalysts disentangled

atomic structure of alumina 2007-Jul-16

  • By scanning tunneling microscopy Peter Varga und Michael Schmid and members of their Surface Physics Group have revealed the atomic structure of oxides used in catalysts. See the press release.

Lasers and Darwin

Laserlab at IAP 2006-Nov-21

Hannspeter Winter 1941-2006

Hannspeter Winter 2006-Nov-08

Silver jubilee without silver

PRL 97, 046101 (2006) 2006-Jul-28

  • The Surface Physics Group celebrates its 25th publication in Physical Review Letters. Congratulations!
    The 25th PRL isn't about silver; although one might expect this for a silver jubilee; oxidation of silver happened to be the topic of the 24th PRL of this group.

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