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====== Thesis opportunities ====== ====== Thesis opportunities ======
-===== PhD thesis ===== +===== Concretise your Master thesis ===== 
-We will announce 2-3 PhD position in 2018. Stay tuned... +We are recruiting two MSc students in a joint project with  [[https://www.bs.tuwien.ac.at/home/|Institute of Materials Technology, Building Physics and Construction Ecology]]. Topic will be interaction forces in cement like materials.\\ 
 +Further information can be found here: {{:interface:master_csh_iap_en.pdf|Master at bi.wwb}} 
 +{{:interface:master_csh_bi.wwb_en.pdf|Master at IAP}}
===== Projectwork, bachelor and diploma thesis ===== ===== Projectwork, bachelor and diploma thesis =====
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