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Enrico Klotzsch

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Current Research Interest

Coming from a physical background, biological questions always motivated my research. Here in Vienna my interest is to use high-resolution optical microscopy to study single molecule interactions and forces within the immunological synapse. Current screening of protein interaction relies on measuring in rather artificial systems, hence it is often not possible to directly compare to in vivo situations. Molecular biology approaches are currently lacking an analytical method of how mechanical forces affect protein interactions, in the context of cell function. I will use mouse derived T cells to study their force based substrate interaction during T cell activation.

Another focus of my current research is on transmembrane transporters. Transporters play an important role in translocation of molecules over membranes. Thus they regulate fundamental biological processes, including metabolism and energy supply, cytoplasmic concentrations of physiologically important ions, as well as signal transduction. In particular I am interested in serotonin and dopamine transporters, since they are strongly involved in signal transduction over neuronal networks.


Publication List

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