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Katharina Dobes

Katharina Dobes

Dipl.-Ing. (2009; supervisor: Prof. F. Aumayr)
Dr. techn. (2014; supervisor: Prof. F. Aumayr)

Katharina Dobes selected as “FEMtech Female Expert of the Month”


* Since 2005, the achievements and expertise of successful women working in research and technology are highlighted on a monthly basis in the media by the FEMtech initiative (BMVIT ministry). This month our former group member Kathi Dobes, now working at RUAG Space GmbH, has been selected as FEMtech Female Expert of the Month September 2016. After Ille Gebeshuber (FEMtech Female Expert in March 2008) she is the second group member having received this prestigious acknowledgement. Press coverage der Standard (24.09.2016), FFG, FEMtech,YouTube VideoFEMtech,Die Presse (15.10.2016).

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