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 +====== Submission of Extended Abstracts for 3S ======
 +Contributions to the conference proceedings (**2 page extended abstracts**) are expected to arrive no later than **December 31st, 2017** and should be submitted electronically.
 +Abstract maximum length is 2 pages of A4 paper (210mm x 297mm, portrait, printable area 160mm x 240mm).
 +Underline the presenting author.
 +E-mail address of the corresponding author should be placed in the affiliation field.
 +Do NOT print a page number.
 +If you need to include figures, EPS (encapsulated postscript) figures produced by Adobe PS driver are acceptable.
 +Use only Times/Helvetica/Courier/Symbol/Arial/Times New Roman fonts. This restriction also applies to figures.
 +A **template** of the extended abstract is given as {{:3s10:3s_abstract_template.doc|MS Word}} or {{:3s10:3s_sample_abstract.pdf|PDF document}}.
 +The format of the submitted document should be one of the following:
 +    * Adobe PDF (preferred)
 +    * Microsoft Word - in case PDF format is not available
 +Do not forget to check that the document is not infected by any computer viruses.
 +Send the extended abstract as an attachment via **e-mail** to: <php>iapmail('3S18');</php>
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