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-====== 3S10 Related Links ======+====== 3S10 Travel Information ======
-{{  :3s10:skiakademie_neu.jpg?240&nolink|}} +{{  :3s10:spinne.jpg?360|how to travel to St. Anton/Arlberg}}
-{{  :3s10:startbild1.jpg?240&nolink|}} +
-{{  :3s10:panorama.jpg?480&nolink|}} +
-The Bundes Ski Akademie St. Christoph in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria is a world-famous centre of modern skiing in one of the top skiing areas in Austria, well known for its deep powder skiing.+
-Please follow the links given below to explore this area. 
-[[http://www.skiarlberg.at/ost/english/index.html|Ski Arlberg]] +{{  :3s10:stchristoph.jpg?360|map of St. Christoph}}
-[[http://ski.intermaps.com/skiarlberg/en_ost.html|Ski Arlberg Panorama]]  
-[[http://www.arlberg.net/|St. Anton / St. Christoph]]+For information how to reach St.Anton am Arlberg by train (recommended) or car (not recommended for various reasons) please visit this [[http://www.stantonamarlberg.com/en/st-anton/informationen/travel-getting-here.html|web page]] which contains railway time-tables and fares, airport and shuttle bus connections as well as instructions for travelling by car.
 +St.Christoph is located 6 km (uphill) from the center of St.Anton am Arlberg.
 +A regular bus connects St.Anton with St.Christoph. It runs at least every hour and starts at the west-terminal (about 150 meters west of the train station in St.Anton). The bus ride takes 15 minutes and the bus stops in St.Christoph very close to the Bundesskiakademie. Alternatively you can take (maybe share) a taxi (approx. 30 Euro during daytime, but more expensive at night).
 +Maps of St.Anton and St.Christoph, snow report, livecams and other infos on our conference location can be found at
 +[[http://www.skiarlberg.at/ost/english/index.html|Ski Arlberg]] and [[http://ski.intermaps.com/skiarlberg/en_ost.html|Ski Arlberg Panorama]]
 +== Adress ==
 + Bundes Ski Akademie St. Christoph\\
 + Sankt Christoph 10\\
 + 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg\\
 + Tel.: +43 5446 26 27\\
 + FAX: +43 5446 35 82\\
 +[[http://www.herold.at/telefonbuch/st-anton-am-arlberg_sankt-christoph_10/kc1kq/bundes-ski-akademie-st-christoph/karte/|Show location on a map]]
-[[:3s10:travel|How to get there]] 
-=== Map of St. Christoph === 
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