Depth profiles of low-index surfaces of PtRh alloys. Results of an improved thermodynamic approach compared with available experimental data

L.Z. Mezey* and W. Hofer

Institut für Allgemeine Physik, Technische Universität Wien, A-1040 Wien, Austria
*Institute of Physics, TU Budapest, H-1111 Budapest, Hungary

Proc. ECASIA '95, Eds. H.J. Mathieu, B. Reihl and D. Briggs, ISBN 0-471-95899-9, J. Wiley & Sons (1996) 248 - 251

Recently an improved version of a thermodynamic description of solid mixtures has been developed and shown to give good agreement with experimental results for low-index surfaces of PtNi and PtCo alloys.
Here we present calculated concentration profiles for low-index PtRh surfaces (for T=1120K), again in good agreement with available experimental results. Different from the situation of PtNi or PtCo, thermodynamic data on the mixing behaviour of PtRh are missing. Therefore the calculations are extended here to estimate these data.

Corresponding author: W. Hofer (hofer< encoded email address >).