Determination of electron-induced total sputter yield of LiF

T. Neidhart, M. Sporn, M. Schmid, and P. Varga

Institut für Allgemeine Physik, Technische Universität Wien, A-1040 Wien, Austria

Nucl. Instrum. Methods in Phys. Res. B 101 (1995) 127-130

We present measurements of the total sputter yield for LiF at 150°C induced by electrons with an impact energy between 10 and 500 eV. A nearly linear increase with kinetic energy has been measured. The decrease of the yield with increasing electron dose for energies below 100 eV is also shown. For very high electron dose the yield even becomes zero and simultaneously a red coloration of the surface is observed. LEIS (Low Energy Ion Scattering) measurements at such a surface showed a Li enrichment to more than 90%. To reach such a composition with electrons between 40 and 80 eV kinetic energy sputtering of about 20 monolayers LiF is necessary.

Corresponding author: P. Varga (varga< encoded email address >).

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