Total sputter yield of LiF induced by hyperthermal ions measured by a quartz microbalance

T. Neidhart, Z. Toth*, M. Hochhold, M. Schmid and P. Varga

Institut für Allgemeine Physik, Technische Universität Wien, A-1040 Wien, Austria
*I. Brody Research Center, Tungsram Co. Ltd., Budapest, Vaci ut 77, H-1340, Hungary

Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Research B 90 (1994) 496-500

The total sputter yield of LiF induced by singly charged hyperthermal He+, Ne+ and Ar+ ions of a kinetic energy of 5-500 eV is presented. The measurements have been performed with a highly sensitive quartz crystal microbalance. Results of the total sputter yield of Au show excellent agreement with the literature. The results on LiF show a high, slowly decreasing total sputter yield at low energies. This fact is interpreted as evidence for electronic processes in the sputtering of LiF.

Corresponding author: P. Varga (varga< encoded email address >).

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